MUSLSA Ball with Olympia

I cannot really complain when it comes to student life. There is always something happening, on campus and off! At the end of April, Olympia and I took advantage of this and attended the annual MUSLSA Ball. It was a masquerade theme, and though we may have missed that memo (#woops) we still had lots of fun!


Both Olympia and I got dressed up for the night. I wore an H&M Balmain black velvet dress with Alannah Hill stockings, Lisa Ho heels, and a Chanel handbag. I got my hair and makeup professionally done by Sharnee, who did an amazing job. I left my hair down curly, getting Sharnee to add in some hair extensions for length. In terms of makeup I went for a formal look, with a light, coral pink lipstick.


Club and society balls are always so much fun. It is such a great way to catch up with friends, and have a break from studying. I encourage any university students reading this to get involved in club and society events, as they are the best opportunity to meet new, likeminded people!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx


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