Kayla’s 18th Birthday

On Saturday night, I had the pleasure of celebrating my best friend Kayla’s birthday! It was a night filled with lots of fun and surprises, some of which I am going to share with you in this post…


The Party

Kayla and her family truly organised the event down to a tee. Everything was perfect (and purple too)! I loved the photo-booth, it was a huge success and gave everyone the chance to take home a momento from the night. I also loved how we had the option of using costumes like masks, scarfs and headbands to personalise our photo-booth pictures.


The Speech

It is a tradition amongst my family and friends to hold speeches at milestone birthday parties. Keeping that in mind, April and I said a few words about our best friend Kayla, and shared our best memories over the years some of which include going to high teas at places like The Langham and Christina Rae.

The Outfit

I was quite happy with how my outfit turned out – even though I had a quick change of mind last minute! I ended up wearing black J Brand pants, my mum’s cashmere sweater (which I am now obsessed with…) and a pair of Lipstik pointy-toed heels. To accessorise I wore a Coach bag, and a pair of Chanel earrings.


Funny side note – because of my last minute change, I ended up wearing the same top as my mum (her top) in black, while she wore it in grey. Talk about twinning!


For this special night I got my hair and makeup done by Sharnee! I was so excited by how well it turned out that I went overboard with selfies… #sorrynotsorry


Wishing Kayla a happy 18th birthday again! I hope that your night was everything you wanted it to be. Thank you for being my best friend through thick and thin. You will forever be like family to me.

Lots of love,

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. Stay tuned for a Vlog about my getting ready for the night in one week’s time!


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