My Winter Wardrobe

Winter has arrived and what I love most about this chilly season the fashion. I like to think that winter brings out the best in my wardrobe, but I sometimes find myself wearing the same cashmere sweater over and over again. This year however, I have challenged myself to be more creative with my winter style, attempting to make use of all aspects of my wardrobe.

Look 1

Look 1

Perfect for day and night, this outfit is both casual and classy. I particularly love the Lil Muse knit jumper, which is short at the front and long at the back. While this knit can be worn dressy, I have also worn it with sports leggings and runners for a sports luxe look.

Look 1 (2)

In this particular look, I have paired this Lil Muse jumper with J Brand ripped jeans (which are super duper comfy) and these Stuart Weitzman suede boots. I think this look is quite trendy, with thigh high boots being quite popular at the moment.

Look 2

Look 2

My inspiration for this outfit was Kylie Jenner, one of my ultimate fashion icons at the moment. I think this Lil Muse cardigan completes the look, as its length adds edginess to the outfit.

Paired with this light grey cardigan (which I am completely obsessed with at the moment!) is a white Witchery shirtdress and Stuart Weitzman thigh high boots. The grey cardigan, white dress and black boots all complement each other because they are all composed of such neutral winter colours. I am in love! 

Look 3 

Look 3

This look is quite simple, but a lot of fun. When I saw this dress from Lil Muse, I was so excited to see how it looked on. I love the youthful nature of this dress, and how versatile it is. While I wear it with these boots, one could also wear ankle boots, sandals; canvas shoes… the options are literally endless. I also love that this dress can be worn in summer and winter. To make it warmer for winter, pair it with black stockings, and add a cardigan or coat over the top. Voilà – the perfect winter outfit!


For the three looks, I am wearing the same makeup done by Natalie from Peace, Bliss & Beauty. What I appreciated the most about Natalie was that she accommodated for the looks I was going for. Not only that, Natalie also taught me how I can incorporate that particular makeup look into my daily routine. She taught me how to contour properly, and how doing so can really enhance facial features.

My makeup for these three looks is natural and soft, which I think is great for daytime makeup. Natalie has used a combination of eye shadow shades to open my eyes up, and make them stand out. My lips on the other hand are very neutral, and are of the shade Miss Leah Baby Cocoa by Shanghai Suzy. 

Here are some more of the products Natalie used:

Medium coverage foundation great for daywear, and the YSM component is designed for combination skin.
This colour wheel concealer not only conceals any redness but also softens any look.
Eyebrow shade (middle one).
The ultimate contouring tool – the dark brown colour is used to shade, and the light colour is used to highlight. When highlighting, remember that you want to highlight your cheekbones, the tip of your nose, and just above the lip.
What Natalie used to blend everything together – she really swears by it!
Eye shadows used for my eyes.
Eye shadows used by Natalie to accentuate my eyes.


My hair for the day has been styled by me using the GHD straightening iron as a curler. I have softly curled my hair and then messed it up with my hands for a natural look.

What are your winter clothing essentials? Leave a comment below!

Chelsea Elizabeth xx

P.S. A big thank you to Daniel, who made the day so much fun and who took the photographs for this shoot!


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